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Pennsylvania Lawn Maintenance | Lawn Mowing PA | Lawn Service PA

Make a great first impression. A healthy, well-groomed lawn is important to your home or business image.

Lawn maintenance services should improve your lawn, landscape and home. Lawn maintenance can help you extend your living space to the outdoors, protect family from health concerns and even increase the value of your home. Professional lawn services should take worry off your shoulders by delivering what you want and need for a fantastic looking turf. With KEM-R-LAWNS INC, you have found local lawn professionals who can handle all of your lawn needs.

Here is what KEM-R-LAWNS INC. can do for your lawn.

  • Mowing
  • String Trim
  • Blowing
  • Edging
  • Bagging and Removal of Debris
  • Spring and Fall Cleanups
  • Bed Weed Treatment
  • Mulching
  • Storm Damage/Debris Removal
  • Deer Fence
  • Snow Removal

Our three core lawn maintenance services programs provide the foundation for healthy yards and landscape. These services are designed to address basic to extensive ongoing needs and seasonal concerns. Ultimately keeping your lawn and yard healthy is our most important priority.

Lawn Mowing PA

Lawn mowing is a fundamental part of your lawn maintenance program. This service is done more than any other service we provide. Our ongoing presence allows us to continuously monitor the health of your lawn, which helps us address issues as they arise. Properly mowed lawns will have fewer weeds, allow for better moisture penetration, provide more stress tolerance and give an overall healthier look to your yard. All of this adds value to your property. Professional mowing requires specific attention to the turf. Environmental conditions, mowing height, mowing direction, and mowing frequency are all keys factors for a healthy lawn. We start with commercial grade mowers with razor sharp blades for an even, clean cut. This prevents damage to the grass blade. Trimming, edging and clean-up of clippings are included with every cut. We also offer a complete customizable mowing schedule. Options include weekly and bi-weekly mowing service.

Lawn Service Pennsylvania – Spring and Fall Clean Up

KEM-R-LAWNS INC. lawn maintenance provides complete spring and fall cleanups to all of our mowing customers.

Spring cleanups consist of cleaning out of all the ornamental beds and removal of debris.

Fall cleanups are done twice. The first cleanup will be done the last two weeks of October when we finish the lawn cutting season. The second cleanup will be done the first three weeks of November. Ornamental beds will be cleaned out. In the case that we cannot complete your cleanup due to conditions beyond our control, a third cleanup can be requested at an additional charge.

Lawn Maintenance PA – Bed Weed Treatment

Ornamental Bed Weed Treatment is essential to maintaining a beautiful garden. Bed Weeds are the most frustrating part of flower gardens. Experts like KEM-R-LAWNS INC. have developed a treatment program that is consistent and very effective. We begin treatment in the spring as planting begins. This strategy is needed from the beginning of growing season, because this is when you are cultivating your beds for prime growth. This also cultivates the weeds for prime growth. Our ornamental Bed Weed Treatment is a continuous success in preventing those weeds from taking over your plants. Better plants, excellent growth and minimum weeds is the ideal situation for the avid gardener.

Pennsylvania Lawn Maintenance – Mulching

Placing mulch in your ornamental beds and around your ornamental trees provides numerous benefits that go beyond simple aesthetics. Mulch is a protective layer, which is applied on top of soil. It also acts as a barrier. This barrier helps with weed control, retaining moisture, soil nutrition and overall beautification. Natural or organic mulch needs to be applied every year. On average, mulch will decompose annually. The good news is, as a rule of thumb, when reapplying mulch it usually only requires about half the amount of the initial installation. Many different types of mulch exist. Depending on your landscape layout and design, we can match a mulch color and consistency, which will complete your landscape. Call us at 1-800-Lawn-Cut for the latest mulch specials.

PA Lawn Maintenance – Storm Damage/Debris Removal

KEM-R-LAWNS INC. can remove storm damaged trees and limbs, call 1-800-Lawn-Cut for assistance and more details.

PA Lawn Service – Deer Fence

Deer Fence is a high-strength, weather resistant mesh grid that has become the best method for controlling the area the deer have access to. A deer fence can keep deer out of your garden and property. A deer fence will control the deer while maintaining the aesthetics of the site. These fences are long-term protection. They easily attach to existing trees or posts and the cost is considerably less than traditional fencing.

Snow Removal (Cranberry Township, Wexford, Sewickley, North Beaver)

Parking lots and business snow plowing requires some flexibility. We can customize a program that specifically meets every need. Standard snow removal for low to medium traffic parking lots is 2″. If the property is deemed a high traffic account, a 1″ minimum could be selected to prevent any kind of snow from building up. Snow plowing is also preventative in nature, but keep in mind that the nature of parking lot snow clearing is different from walkway snow removal. Walkways can be cleared as snow falls, parking lots and businesses have vehicles in them. Those vehicles drive over the snow and compact it so hard, it is often very difficult to remove the snow, down to the pavement with a plow or bobcat. We promote prevention. We clear as much snow as quickly as possible so that cars, trucks and constant traffic cannot pack it down. Once snow has all been piled up, it can be removed with a backhoe, bobcat or loader at an additional cost.

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